Authentic English Afternoon Tea Party Classes

Have you ever wondered ….

  • What is an English Afternoon Tea Party?
  • Why is tea associated with England?
  • Which teas are regarded as British?
  • How does a domestic tea party differ from hotel-served afternoon tea?
  • Why does a tea party traditionally take place after noon?

Caroline Hope offers  a variety of practical English Afternoon Tea workshops and classes. Come to one of these so you can satisfy your curiosity about the authentic customs and traditions of English  tea time.


Caroline runs practical workshops so you can enjoy learning about numerous aspects  of traditional baking and afternoon tea. These include baking  cakes, scones, French style macarons and tutored tea tastings. Browse English afternoon tea workshops.

28.3.19 Please note I am offering a limited schedule of class dates until early May when I hand in some papers for my  Design MA (my area of enquiry is the role and semiotics of the English Tea Table).  From May until the end of September there is a greater availability of dates.