The Authentic English Afternoon Tea Experience

Still Life: Tea Set; Jean-Étienne Liotard (Swiss, 1702 – 1789); about 1781 – 1783; Oil on canvas mounted on board; 37.8 × 51.6 cm (14 7/8 × 20 5/16 in.); 84.PA.57, Getty Museum.

Caroline Hope is a tea historian who researches and shares the centuries-old traditions of British afternoon tea culture, including the customs, manners and etiquette of the domestic ceremony. She brings this to life in a way that inspires people with the confidence, energy and imagination to host their own afternoon tea party,  alongside providing information on the evolution of public tea rooms.

“Most people associate afternoon tea with a three-tier cake-stand, vintage china and scones. But there is nothing traditional about this visual image. I want to show you that there are numerous ways of serving tea in the afternoon.”

Caroline offers a schedule of English Afternoon Tea Workshops and also provides a Consultancy Service for those looking for a more focused study of this beverage and its role in British life.