The Authentic English Afternoon Tea Experience


Caroline Hope, September 2017

Caroline Hope is an English tea and food researcher and historian who teaches, advises, and shares the authentic centuries-old traditions of British afternoon tea culture.

“Most people associate afternoon tea with a three-tier cake-stand, vintage china and scones. But there is nothing traditional about this visual image. I want to show you that there are numerous ways of serving tea in the afternoon.”

Have you ever wondered …..

  • Why is tea associated with England?
  • What types of tea are considered British?
  • How does a domestic tea party differ from hotel-served afternoon tea?
  • Why does a tea party take place after noon?
  • What  was regarded as “proper [to serve] with tea in an afternoon” in Georgian England?

Look no further if you wish to:

  • bake traditional English tea time delicacies in Caroline’s London home.
  • understand how tea became a British drink and how to brew an excellent cup of tea.
  • comprehend the etiquette, manners and codes of behaviour associated with the English tea table.

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