English Afternoon Tea

The  ritual of the English afternoon tea party underpins many aspects of our life in the UK. There is an endless fascination (and often confusion) about the domestic ritual of serving tea along with sponge cake and or bread and butter after noon.

Caroline Hope is an artist,  historian and food researcher exploring the manners, etiquette and way of being at the English tea table. These  have evolved over its 350 year history and changed beyond recognition in her own lifetime.

Why not explore Caroline’s world of English afternoon tea and her study of English tea rituals?

You might wish to immerse yourself in baking the sponge cakes and breads associated with the English tea table; or learn about England’s evolving tea consumption through a tutored tea tasting. See available dates and class descriptions.

For in-depth information, extended English Tea Studies, public speaking or special research projects please check out this section

29.12.19  Note from Caroline. Please note I am offering a limited schedule of class dates until September 2020  when I complete my  Design By Project MA (my area of enquiry is the role and semiotics of the English Tea Table).