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Tea Cups Talking: The Mug circa 2017

The Backbone of England



A Tea Mug
Earthenware mug with white glaze, England circa 2017, mass produced.


“I’m good honest and upright, no flim-flam about me – you get what you see.

“Nothing better than my cargo; drop in my teabag, add milk, loads of sugar – I can take it – I’m the champion of the worker, your friend when you need to be lifted from the toils of your labours.

“OK, so he’s cheap, this tea bag – but he’s like me – no nonsense, straightforward, reliable, the  20th century English worker, we made this country.

“Just rinse me out and fill me up again – nothing is too much for me to provide succour and nourishment for my hardworking chap. I am there to service his needs – forget the poncey airs and graces of that gnat’s piss enjoyed by the la-de-da in their ridiculous tiny cups – I am the British Bulldog – the man of the masses, the salt of the Earth.”

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