About Caroline

Caroline Hope, September 2017




Immersed in the world of English tea from a young age, Caroline spent many afternoons ‘taking tea’ in the households and establishments near her childhood home in Chelsea.

These early experiences of afternoon tea inspired a lifelong interest in the manners and etiquette surrounding the social interaction of tea drinking, some of which are now misunderstood, misinterpreted or no longer relevant today.

Since 1993, Caroline has been studying and researching the history and customs of British tea culture. She explains the complexities of this subject through private consultancy, workshops, events and talks.

The past three years have involved more intensive research as she works on the creation of an interactive timeline of English tea drinking.

In this she explores why the English so readily embraced an oriental beverage that represented the exotic world of Cathay, how this tea drinking culture evolved down the generations to become an exotic occidental ceremony, repackaged and exported back to the very countries from whence it originated.



BBC RADIO FOUR: The Food Programme.
Podcasts: Tea: A Coffee Drinker’s Guide, Dan Saladino, Part 1, March 6th and Part 2, March 12th 2017 Caroline is featured  in the second programme


My participation in “Voyage et Bonnes Manières”, an eight part documentary series aired on the French “Voyage” cable channel, http://voyage.fr/ . It was directed by Véronique Jacquinet, who has developed an original and funny tone for her documentaries. The production company is Un Monde Meillieur, http://www.unmondemeilleur.com. Please note the beginning part is about men’s fashion in London’s West End as I was showing them some of the shops in that location immediately after having had our tea party.