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Caroline Hope 

Caroline Hope, June 2017

Immersed in the world of English tea from a young age, Caroline spent many afternoons ‘taking tea’ in the households and establishments near her childhood home in Chelsea.These early experiences of afternoon tea inspired a lifelong interest in the manners and etiquette surrounding the social interaction of tea drinking, some of which are now misunderstood, misinterpreted or no longer relevant today.

Since 1993, Caroline has been studying and researching the history and customs of British tea culture. She explains the complexities of this subject through private consultancy, workshops, events and illustrated talks.

Caroline was invited to become a Dame in the London-based affiliate chapter (LDE London) of Les Dames d’Escoffier International in October 2017. She has presented a number of tea tasting lectures and macaron making classes at City Lit in 2012 to 2014 and presented talks about English tea history and culture at Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe and the St Ermins Hotel.

Caroline has presented lectures and demonstrations in Japan and central Europe. Her private clients fly in from around the world from such diverse countries as China, Japan, Jordan, France, Belgium, Australia, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, and the USA.

The past three years have involved more intensive research as she deconstructs the English tea table and its attendant codes of behaviour to truly understand how and why England became a nation of tea drinkers.  She commences her MA in the Semiotics of the English Tea Table in October 2018.


media coverage and testimonials


BBC RADIO FOUR: The Food Programme.

Podcasts: Tea: A Coffee Drinker’s Guide, Dan Saladino, Part 1, March 6th and Part 2, March 12th 2017
Caroline is featured at the end of Part 2.


Titanic Spa

Caroline is quoted regarding the health benefits of a typically ‘English’ style cup of tea in the Titanic Spa blog.


Voyage et Bonnes Manières

My participation in “Voyage et Bonnes Manières”, an eight part documentary series aired on the French “Voyage” cable channel, http://voyage.fr/ . It was directed by Véronique Jacquinet, who has developed an original and funny tone for her documentaries. The production company is Un Monde Meillieur, http://www.unmondemeilleur.com


WHERE Magazine, Washington, Baltimore. Article by Olga Boikess http://www.wheretraveler.com/washington-dc/tea-time-around-dc

SAISON KUCHE  website: www.saison.ch
Steffi Hidber from Saison wrote this lovely article after experiencing one of my Afternoon Tea baking sessions. It was part of a special feature on tea and baking in 2013. Click on the image to open PDF of the article.
Saison Küche article 2013