Afternoon Tea Party Sandwiches

Afternoon Tea Party Sandwiches

Egg mayonnaise and chive sandwiches

I am not sure why, but cucumber sandwiches just seem to hit the spot for me! Others absolutely hate them but do try and make some for yourself. You might try experimenting with the cucumber. Once cut into thin slices, place them in a colander and sprinkle over some salt. Leave for up to 30 minutes. The salt helps draw out the flavour.

My other, very simple favourites are plain tomato, smoked ham or egg mayonnaise. None has a strong flavour and nor are they intended to fill you up. It is merely food to partake with tea.

One of my strongest memories from my childhood was going to collect our new Jack Russell puppy. I think I was about ten. As it was mid-afternoon, tea was served. The beautifully presented food was brought in on a large tray by our host’s housekeeper. The bread of each delicate thin sandwich was cut around a single slice of cucumber. ┬áThe first (and last) time I have been served round sandwiches!

Today, in the western world, thin sliced bread is the easiest thing to buy in the supermarket. It is worth remembering that this is a relatively new phenomenon. Friends of my mother have told me how they used to cut the bread slices with a bread knife and, to get them thin and even, either used an iron or rolling pin to gently flatten the sandwiches before they took the crusts off. All this was to contribute to the ‘genteelness’ of the meal.