Traditional English Scones

 which is the best scone recipe?

There are many different versions of a traditional English scones recipe.  Some recipes use eggs, some don’t. Everybody seems to have a closely-guarded secret to make sure their scones are the best.

What is the magic ingredient?

My secret ingredients are free and can be added at any time – confidence and care. Be confident that you will make the best scones and they will be sensational. Care about them, using good quality ingredients and they will reward you with their deliciousness. If you worry, something will go wrong – perhaps the worry is transmitted through the fingers. I remember my heavy, lumpy offerings when a scone novice. Just keep practising.

I think many people forget this is a simple farmhouse food, to be rustled up at the last minute if uninvited guests suddenly turn up for tea. It is a simple quick bread that can be served with good butter and jam or go for the ultimate local delicacy of the West Country, a Cream Tea.

You can learn to make exceptionally light scones in my half day AFTERNOON TEA PARTY BAKING CLASS that is offered throughout the year. In this class you will learn the deceptively simple techniques and skills to master traditional English baking.


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