Macaron Making Class


MACARON MAKING CLASS | £95 per person

This macaron making class is dedicated to one of the most temperamental tea time treats. These beautiful delicacies are a familiar sight in the windows of fashionable French patisseries, and yet few know how difficult they are to make.  Caroline will be teaching you expert techniques and recipes for a selection of perfect Parisian-style macarons for your tea party. Read her comments here.

Coffee flavour macarons


Why are they tricky to make?

One of the challenges when making Parisian-style macarons is that meringue (even a nut meringue) has a mind of its own. Caroline will guide you through her recipe and method to consistently achieving that classic smooth-topped shell and characteristic ‘foot’ without any cracking. With a disciplined method and a few handy tips, you can make sure your macarons turn out the same size every time in your own kitchen (as opposed to making them in a commercial setting).

Variety of flavours

You will learn how to make two or three different favoured macaron shells, giving your selection a wonderful dash of colour. Then you can be as adventurous as you like with the fillings, making anything from tangy orange buttercream, smooth Sicilian lemon, or dark chocolate ganache. Caroline will show you some classic combinations and leaves the rest to your imagination!

What’s included?

  • Hands-on 3 hour baking workshop, ingredients, recipes and tips.
  • Refreshments on arrival and a light lunch.
  • After-care emergency line if you have any future problems!
  • A  box of at least 30 or more of your own handmade macarons.

This class is available  ON REQUEST  for two or more people.  If you are looking for a macaron making demonstration or want to book for a large group up to 16 people,  please  contact Caroline to discuss.